New Americans - Poetry

24 February 2021
New Americans - Poetry

At the YMCA of Greater New York, we believe all communities are stronger when everyone feels welcome and we can all work together for the common good. 

For World Poetry Day, we are sharing our New Americans' students poems. One way for them to learn English, and to help communicate and assimilate to American culture is through the art of poetry. 


BANG, Kyung


Yes, spring’s here soon

It is still cold, dark, windy

Still Spring comes by Him


TAPSOBA, Koudkuilga

Ball playing all week.

I did not bring my new jacket.

Cold, but warm at play.


HUANG, SuZhong


The strong winds howling.

Many people cover their face.

Only see their eyes.




My neighbor is friendly.

My neighborhood is nice.

We help neighbors with yard work.


YE, Min Yi

I help my friend work

Cat playing ball with my son

The weather is bad




Dog is human’s friend.

Don’t abandon any dog.

Man and dog have life.


YANG, Peng


I feel very well now

The weather is good for gym

Let us go running