Tips to Improve Heart Health in February

30 January 2019

February is American Heart Month. The annual event raises awareness about heart disease, the leading cause of death for both men and women, which kills about 610,000 people every year, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

You know exercise and a good diet can keep your heart healthy. But there are other things you can do to keep your ticker going strong. 

Incorporate these habits into your lifestyle and show your heart some love.

  1. Get More Sleep. Your sleep habits can have a lasting effect on your overall health. Simply tweaking a few of your tech device habits can help upgrade your sleep hygiene for a better night’s rest. Sleeping a solid seven or eight hours per night is a marker of good heart health.
  2. Move more. Physical activity can dramatically reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke, so make a goal to move more for your heart health. To keep it simple, you can aim for 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week of moderate exercise. That includes any activity that gets you moving around and breaking a slight sweat. Even small changes can make all the difference: take the stairs instead of the elevator. If you work at a desk, remember to take regular breaks to move around. Go for a stroll on your lunch break and enjoy regular exercise in your leisure time.
  3. Connect With People. Make it a priority to spend time with people you’re close to. Talk, laugh, confide, and enjoy each other. It’s good for your emotional health and your heart.

Watch Dodge YMCA Personal Trainer, Oliver Lopez, take you through some tips you can do to improve your heart health!